Bristol Uni SU toilets ‘gush water’ and flood the bathroom

The ASS and now the SU, can I go to the toilet in peace?

The toilets on the third floor of the Richmond Building flooded on Saturday morning in an eerily similar fashion to the flooding of the ASS last year.

According to one student who witnessed the leak, the toilet had been “gushing water” all morning until the campus division arrived at the Richmond Building at 14:00 to address the incident.

Additionally, a 24 hour sewage van was spotted outside of the ASS today.

A third year Classical Studies student told The Bristol Tab: “I went to go to the toilet and the whole corridor was flooded like the scene in Harry Potter. My bad for thinking I could go for a wee without stepping in toilet water.”

The toilets were marked out of order, with students redirected to use the facilities on the third floor as an alternative. By Sunday morning the issue was resolved.

With deadline season well and truly upon us, are Bristol’s library toilets crumbling under the pressure of increased student use?

A University of Bristol spokesperson said: “A blocked toilet was reported on Saturday at the Richmond Building which was repaired and back in action within 24 hours. No damage was caused. We apologise for any inconvenience.”

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