UoB confirm the death of a second-year English student

Bristol University are calling for those affected to make use of wellbeing services

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Bristol University have confirmed that second-year English student, Bertie Crawford, sadly passed away last weekend.

A university spokesperson said: "There is nothing harder for our community than the death of one of our students, and our thoughts are with Bertie’s family and friends at this difficult time."

"We are doing our best to help and support all students and staff who have been affected by this news – particularly those who knew Bertie.

"We encourage any members of our community who are affected by this tragic news to make sure they contact University wellbeing services for help, as well as seeking support from their own family."

On an endnote, I would personally like to add that I have had the pleasure of getting to know Bertie through writing for The Tab this year. I haven’t known him for very long, but can honestly say that he was such a kind-hearted and fun-loving character with whom I share fond memories. He will be sorely missed by everyone within the university community.

If you are experiencing any mental health issues or high levels of stress, it is so important to speak to someone. Help is readily available for those that require it.

One big thing we can all do is go beyond waiting for our friends to come to us with their problems, and instead reach out to them before these problems occur.

A list of services available to Bristol students can be found here, as well as the Samaritans' helpline.

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