A Bournemouth University graduate has been nominated for an Oscar for the third time

Anders Langlands is hoping to take home the Best Visual Effects award for his work on The Batman

A Bournemouth University alumnus is hopeful to finally add his name to the list of Academy Award winners after being nominated for an Oscar.

Anders Langlands, who graduated from BU in 2003, has received nominations for both an Academy Award and a BAFTA, for his work on The Batman.

Anders holds a first class honours degree in computer visualisation and animation and has been nominated in the Best Visual Effects category in both ceremonies, alongside his colleagues Russel Earl, Dan Lemmon, and Dominic Tuohy.

This is Langlands’ third chance at taking home an Oscar, as he was on the list of nominees in 2021 and 2016 for his work on the films Mulan and The Martian, respectively.

He’s hoping this year to add his name to the list of BU alumni who have achieved the Academy Award, with two previous graduates already being celebrated in the industry.

Looking back on his time at BU, Anders said: “What I loved about the course at BU was that it gave me a solid foundation in a broad range of fundamental skills, which have served me well over the last twenty years.”

He also offered some advice: “Keep learning! Now more than ever, the industry is changing at a breakneck pace and the way we do things in ten years is likely to be quite different from what we do now.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time and the things we’re starting to be able to do now would have seemed like magic to me when I was a fresh graduate.”

This is also his third BAFTA nomination after Mulan, and X-Men: Days of Futures Past in 2015.

Professor of Computer Animation at BU Paula Callus told student paper Buzz how proud she is of this major achievement and how current students on similar courses are progressing: “What sets our students apart is coming into an environment where there exposed to different disciplines and it makes them very dexterous in their thinking and good with problem solving”

The lead up to award season is now underway with the BAFTA Awards ceremony being held on Sunday 19th February and the Academy Awards to take place on 13th March.

Featured image via @xteo on Instagram. 

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