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What young Rhaenyra actually said to Daemon during his vision in House of the Dragon

Not all of us fluent in High Valyrian after all

During episode four of House of the Dragon, we see Daemon have another one of his eerie visions where a young Rhaenyra talks to him in High Valyrian. And whilst what she said seemed to scare him a fair bit, most of us are not fluent in High Valyrian and for the first few lines of the speech have no idea what she said!

In the vision, Daemon sees a young Rhaenyra who is stitching Jaehaesrys’ head back on, before turning to him and saying: “Always coming and going aren’t you, and I have to clean up afterwards.” However, that’s not all she said but in her longer speech, the first few lines have no subtitles so we’re left wondering what she actually says to him. Well, we can wonder no more as the official Valyrian language creator for House of the Dragon, David Peterson, has revealed what exactly Rhaenyra said to Daemon.


Rhaenyra said: “It’s been said that Targaryens are closer to gods than to men… In my eyes, you were a god. Daemon Targaryen. The Prince of the City. The Lord of Flea Bottom. I was an innocent. You exploited me and abandoned me. You sullied my name at court. You empowered my rivals. You tried to make my ruin. You put me on that throne. And you love me and you hate me for it. You created me, Daemon. Yet you are now set on destroying me. All because your brother loved me more than he did you. This is what you always wanted, is it not?” She read him to filth.

As for the significance behind why Daemon sees a young Rhaenyra, showrunner Ryan Condol explained: “Instead of warfare or dragons or images of horror, it was really more of him being haunted by these people who he had done wrong by in his past, particularly young Rhaenyra. That’s the girl who took his claim, not elder Rhaenyra, played by Emma D’Arcy. It’s that version of Rhaenyra that removed him as the heir to the throne, and then was named heir and took his claim. As you’ll see his story at Harrenhal unfold, there is an element of Daemon having to reckon with his past and choices that he’s made and things that he’s done.”

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