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The sad and stupid reason Aegon decided to join the battle in House of the Dragon

He was left out of the group chat on this one

I think we were all shouting at our screens on Sunday night when Aegon decided to join the aerial battle fight during House of the Dragon. Aemond and Ser Criston had already planned everything out and let’s be honest, Aegon joining the fray only messed everything up and could potentially have led to his death.

Aside from being drunk, it seems Aegon’s main criteria for getting involved revolves around the fact he feels like he needs to prove himself not only as king but also as a hero. Tom Glynn-Carney who plays Aegon in House of the Dragon has shed some more light on why exactly he thought it was a good to unexpectedly saddle up on Sunfyre and join the battle.


He explained to Entertainment Daily: “It’s all about concealing vulnerability with Aegon. He doesn’t do a great, great job of it, but his intention is to give this impression that he’s this formidable, strong, stoic influence across the entirety of Westeros, and yet really he’s a young boy trying to work it out, not really knowing where to start.”

He also discussed how he was asked to ride the dragon badly on purpose to make Aegon look more “clueless.” He admitted: “What they wanted me to do was be at the mercy of the dragon and let it throw me about. I think it was maybe somewhere in their intentions to make Aegon look like he didn’t know what he was doing, whereas in my head, I was like, ‘I want to look heroic, I want to look great, I want to look like I really know my way around this dragon.’ Everyone else just looks so f*cking cool, and then you get Aegon, who’s clueless.”

Director Alan Taylor added: “He is in the battle for the stupidest of reasons. Still, he was trying to do the right thing. The poor guy, he was trying to be heroic, he was trying to find a purpose for himself.”

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