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Tahnee has ‘no idea’ why Melinda sabotaged their friendship, leaving her ‘hurt and confused’

Apparently Melinda ignored her after Tahnee reached out to ask why she unfollowed her

Tahnee has addressed her fallout with MAFS co-star and former bestie Melinda Willis after Melinda unfollowed her and posted a shady quote about it on her Instagram story. During a Q&A session, she was asked about why she’d unfollowed Tahnee after the two were so close during MAFS. She shared a cryptic quote that read: “Remember, you don’t need a certain number of friends, just a number of friends you can be certain of.” Yikes! It seems the fallout might not be mutual though, as Tahnee is still following Melinda.

But it seems Tahnee is just as confused as we are about what prompted Melinda to sabotage their post-MAFS friendship. She explained that the whole situation is “confusing” and she feels incredibly “hurt” and “disappointed” by Melinda’s actions. In a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle, she revealed her thoughts about the friendship very suddenly falling apart.


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She explained: “As far as I’m aware – nothing has happened, so this entire situation has confused me, to be honest. When I noticed Mel had unfollowed me out of the blue, I went to her directly to ask if something was wrong and was met with no response. The Instagram quote didn’t really make much sense to me. As someone who has been there for her throughout the show and after, it was quite hurtful to see especially after I had reached out to check in and never got responses. I don’t agree with how this was handled so publicly after no attempt to discuss anything with me in private.

“I honestly have no idea what prompted her to unfollow me as no ‘situation’ happened. I also didn’t want to jump to any of my own conclusions or speculate why, however, I do find it super disappointing that this has been brought to a public forum when I had actively reached out privately to work through whatever issue she may have had. In my opinion there was just really no need for this. I just wish Mel all the best.” Looks like we’re all in the dark over here!

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