euros 2024 brain teaser

Distract yourself from tonight’s pre-match nerves with this tricky Euros 2024 brain teaser

Or give up like I did because it’s so hard

You don’t have to be a football fan to be able to join in on England’s celebrations in the Euros 2024. Jude Bellingham’s overhead kick took over every corner of the internet, from TikTok to LinkedIn. So, will the team see the same lucky fate tonight?

SeatPick have put together a teaser for the restless football fans among us, with the challenge being to find the football ticket that is hidden amongst fans in the stadium. Apparently, it takes an average of 41 seconds to spot and one in 10 people actually just give up before finding it. 

If like me, you’re nervous but can’t seem to get the game off the brain, this Euros 2024 brain teaser might just keep you occupied ’till kick off. No judgement if it takes you all day to crack it, it’s certainly not an easy one.

So, give this Euros 2024 brain teaser a go to whilst you worry about tonight’s game:

Need a clue? The ticket you’re looking for is white, with the Euro 2024 emblem on it. But be warned – it’s tiny! If you’re struggling, keep scrolling for the answers.

Spoiler alert! Stop scrolling unless you want the answers revealed

euros 2024 brain teaser

Full disclosure, I didn’t find it and got too angry trying.

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