sexiest Euros players

The sexiest Euros 2024 players you can stare at whilst pretending to watch the game

With Jack Grealish missing from the England squad the sexiest player award is up for grabs

With the first round of fixtures completed at Euros 2024, fans have had the chance to watch some tantalising football, unless you’re part of the tartan army and had to watch Germany thrash Scotland 5-1 in the opening fixture.

Even if you’re not interested in the beautiful game, the beautiful people playing it are sure to pique your interest. As a tournament that has been labelled as a passing of the baton, there’s a mixture of fresh faces with cheeky smiles, and hunky men aging like fine wine – a range that will satisfy all tastes.

So resist the urge to switch over to Love Island to see Joey Essex because here are the 10 sexiest Euros players you get to watch for the rest of the month in the Euros 2024:

Olivier Giroud

France’s all time top goal scorer, Olivier Giroud is the oldest player in the French squad at 37 years of age, but he is the gift that keeps on giving.

The very definition of getting better with age, Giroud sports his timeless hairstyle with a perfectly groomed beard that shows mature men can be still look sexy.

Jude Bellingham

Jude Bellingham is the new face of both the England Squad and Kim Kardashian’s underwear brand SKIMS, and for good reason. At just 20 years old, Bellingham has become a superstar at Real Madrid and a sensation for the national team, opening England’s account after just 13 minutes in their opening match against Serbia.

If football comes home or not this summer, there’s no doubt that Hey Jude will be the song on every pair of English lips come the end of the tournament.

Jesús Navas

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Those eyes. Those gorgeous, mesmerising eyes. Jesús Navas might be coming towards the end of his footballing career, but his modelling career is surely just about to begin.

As the captain of Sevilla, and one of their longest serving players, Navas is a name familiar to all Spanish football fans, but he may catch a few more eyes this tournament.

Joško Gvardiol

The Croatian defender came to Manchester last summer for around £75million and has become a mainstay in Manchester City’s backline.

His ability on the ball is easy on the eye, and so is he. With a beard as luscious as his at 22 years old he’s surely only going to get more and more handsome.

Filip Kostić

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Serbia certainly has some stars in its squad, but it is far from favourite to win the Euros. That doesn’t mean Kostić doesn’t deserve some spotlight for his dashing looks. He’s one of the sexiest Euros players of all time, hands down.

Maybe his little bust up with Bellingham on Sunday was just about who was sexier.

Memphis Depay

sexiest Euros players

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The Dutch national team are stacked with hotties (and some decent footballers too). While they’ve not had the best of luck at international tournaments in recent years, their swagger off the pitch is unmatched, but Depay is the best of the bunch.

A man of many talents, Depay has played all over Europe and started his own rap career while in Lyon.

Cristiano Ronaldo

sexiest Euros players

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We can’t mention all of the sexiest Euros players without an ode to this legend. A man who needs no introduction, Ronaldo is ageless and is the second oldest player at this tournament behind his 41-year-old teammate, Pepe. You really wouldn’t know it from looking at him, adorning a body that could be carved by the Greek gods.

Simon Kjær

sexiest Euros players

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Simon Kjær is not just good looking, but he is a hero. After his teammate, Christian Eriksen, collapsed during the opening game of the last Euros tournament, Kjær was the man that got the medical teams attention and helped begin the important revival of Eriksen.

His looks, his spirit and his leadership make him the perfect fit for a Norse King.

Fabian Schär

The Swiss defender is known for his powerful shots from outside the box for both Newcastle and the national team, but his powerful cheekbones and jawline need credit too.

While Switzerland might not go all the way, you can certainly appreciate Schär while he’s here.

Giovanni Di Lorenzo

Italy’s time since their Euros win in 2021 has not been easy. They’ve changed managers, failed to qualify for the world cup and lost both fixtures against England in qualifying for the Euros. If one thing was constant though, it is the fact they’ve had Italian stallions the whole way through, and Di Lorenzo is just the latest in a long line of fitty footballers.

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