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Emirates releases statement on Jack Fowler ‘nearly dying’ after allergic reaction on flight

‘We cannot guarantee a nut-free inflight environment’

Emirates airline has given a statement to The Tab regarding Love Island star Jack Fowler sharing how he nearly died on one of its flights to Dubai after being served a curry with cashew nuts in. Fowler is claiming to have been told by Emirates staff on multiple occasions that the dish contained no nuts.

The airline has said it’s sorry to hear of what’s happened, but that it’s the passenger’s responsibility to check its website before travelling as a nut-free environment cannot be guaranteed on a flight.

An Emirates spokesperson told The Tab regarding the Jack Fowler nuts reaction: “We are sorry to hear of Mr Fowler’s experience and our teams on ground are providing him with all possible assistance. The safety and health of our customers is taken very seriously.

“While Emirates aims to cater to customers with specific needs by offering a variety of special meals that cover medical, dietary, and religious requirements, we cannot guarantee a nut-free inflight environment. We urge travellers with dietary or other medical requirements to check our website and consult their doctor before travel.”


Yesterday, Jack explained the ordeal on Instagram. Jack explained “[I] can’t believe I’m having to post this. And I’m posting because people should be aware of the severity of how bad food allergies can be and the complete negligence from @emirates airline. I recently flew with Emirates Airline where I was given a cashew nut. I made my flight attendant aware of my nut allergy twice before being given a chicken curry. I wasn’t given a menu to choose from, instead I was asked directly if I wanted chicken or fish. I opted for the chicken.

“When I received the meal I asked the same flight attendant again to make sure, and again was told that it does not have nuts included. Trusting my flight attendant, I began to eat the chicken curry. Immediately my throat closed up and breathing became extremely difficult.” Jack then said his friend demanded to see the inflight menu where they discovered the curry did indeed have nuts in.

“This left me with the real possibility of dying on the plane, as I knew I needed emergency treatment immediately. I was given five tanks of oxygen, as well as administering my Adrenaline Pen (EpiPen). I told the flight supervisor, ‘If you don’t land this plane soon, I will die on this plane,’” Fowler recalled, which prompted the pilot to “speed up the journey.”

Jack Fowler has said he shared his experience because he hopes all airlines take note of the dangers that could happen – saying “take more care.”

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