Where the cast of Love Island 2024 went to university

Where the Love Island 2024 cast went to university and what they studied

One Islander was in chess club whilst at uni

They haven’t spoken about it much in the villa, but it turns out a fair few of the cast of Love Island 2024 went to university. We have loads of academics in the villa right now, plenty of them with First Class honours to their names.

From fashion girlies to economics boys, the cast of Love Island are talented in all kinds of ways. Here is a rundown of everyone in the cast of Love Island 2024 who went to university, and where and what they studied.

Grace Jackson

Of course our social media business owner and influencer girlie Grace studied fashion at uni. She went to Liverpool John Moores from 2016 to 2019 and graduated with a degree in Fashion Communication. She got a 2:1, whilst still managing to work at Kurt Geiger and then Selfridges during her studies.

“And three years later here I am, with a Bachelor of Art degree in Fashion Communication,” Grace posted on Instagram with a picture of her in her graduation gown.

Jessy Potts

Jessy went to Bath Spa, and studied Business and Management. She was a cheerleader at uni, and also ran the cheer social media pages, as well as being a netballer and in the snow sports team. Ahead of her graduation in 2021, Jessy posted a photo of her dissertation which was all about social media and influencer marketing. God she was ready for this world.

Trey O’Norman

Before the villa, Trey studied at the University of Birmingham and BCU. He got a BA Hons in Economics, graduating with a First from BCU in 2021, and then went on to do a Master’s in International Relations at UoB, graduating with a Merit in 2022.

Ahead of going on the show, Trey said: “Something that a lot of women like that they wouldn’t expect from me but I’m a bit of a geek and academic. I’ve got a First Class Economics degree and have completed my Master’s as well. I also play chess and was in the chess club at university.”

Jessica Spencer

Casa Amor bombshell Jessica also went to university before her Love Island 2024 days. She studied in Leicester, and graduated in 2022. “Better late than never ;),” she posted on Instagram at the time, with a picture of her in a dress and a graduation cap. It’s not entirely clear what she studied there, but now Jessica works as a fashion stylist.

Emma Milton

Emma is a 30-year-old fashion and content creator now, but she used to study in Manchester. She went to Manchester Met from 2013 to 2016 and studied Public Relations and Marketing. She was in the dance society whilst at uni, and graduated with a First.

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