Wait, there’s a funny error you definitely should have spotted in Bridgerton season three

Seems I need to rewatch with my eyes actually OPEN this time

Bridgerton season three has brought editing errors, so much hidden symbolism and a load of insanely vibey behind the scenes pics. But now there’s a brand new hilarious continuity error that you definitely should have spotted and I can’t get over it.

The error actually happens across the season and is constantly switching, but is most prominent in part two, episode six in particular. After Francesca announces her engagement, Colin goes to his study to write (and you can actually read what he secretly writes here!) and Eloise follows him in.

We see him writing with a quill in his right hand scribbling away, the camera then pans to Eloise when she asks him if he’s moping about the chocolate macaroon. But when the camera goes back to Colin he is holding the quill and writing in his left hand!

Bridgerton funny error

Via Netflix

So is Colin ambidextrous or was this just a hilarious continuity error in the season? Well, we know from past interviews that in real life Luke Newton is actually left-handed whilst Colin is really right-handed. It was actually pretty rare for anyone to be left-handed in the Regency era as children were often taught it was bad and to write with their right hand instead.

Bridgerton funny error

Via Netflix

Not everyone absolutely OBSESSING with Colin’s hands this season. First, we had the fingers when fixing her dress in the carriage scene and now this!

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