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Will Julie Andrews be back as the voice of Lady Whistledown for Bridgerton season four?

Penelope replaced her voice at the end of season three

Bridgerton season three has finally come to an end, but could the reveal of Penelope as Lady Whistledown mean the end of Julie Andrews as the narrator? We’ve been lucky enough to have the Hollywood icon as the voice of Lady Whistledown since the start of season one, but during the final episode Penelope replaced her voice.

Now Penelope has been identified as being behind Lady Whistledown in Bridgerton, it means she no longer has to keep her voice hidden and technically Julie Andrews might no longer be needed.

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Showrunner Jess Brownell has discussed the future of Julie’s role on Bridgerton, revealing: “It’s Julie Andrews — I’m obsessed with her. I would hate to lose her from the show. While she is, in many ways, the voice of Penelope when she was trying to hide herself, I also think she’s just become so iconic as the voice of Lady Whistledown. So we’re playing with different ideas in season four, and people have to wait and see where we go with that.”

Unlike the book where Penelope stops her column after she is revealed as Lady Whistledown, it seems the series will not be following the same route. Jess explained: “I think that there’s more to come with Lady Whistledown. Now Pen will have to navigate what it’s like to be a public gossip columnist, not only dealing with the people she writes about, but also taking steps to be more accountable in what she writes.

“I think accountability and authenticity are two things that she’s had to really face this season, and we’re gonna continue that thread going into season four.” Fingers crossed we won’t be having to say goodbye to Julie Andrews forever.

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