It’s vital, so here are the Bridgerton season three sex scenes ranked from worst to best

The mirror scene didn’t hit! Sue me!

Season three, as with any season of Bridgerton, was fit to bursting with sex scenes. Polin finally gave into one another, there were a whole bunch of threesomes, and of course Kate and Anthony were at it whenever they had half a chance.

But which of these scenes hit, and which flopped? Yes, I meant that pun and I’m aware it was awful. Will the mirror scene go down in history? Do we burn for these scenes like we did the Duke in season one?

Here is an undeniable ranking of the sex scenes in season three of Bridgerton, from worst to best.

7. Colin’s I-found-myself-travelling threesomes

Bridgerton season three sex scenes

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A kiss to the left, a kiss to the right, and a camera pan over Colin’s body. His post travelling threesome era truly gave me nothing. I’m really glad Colin was happy and having a good time, but us at home watching? I could have gone without.

6. Benedict’s threesomes

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Again, I’m super happy for Benedict and his sexual awaking. His were slightly sexier than Colin’s, so actually gave a little bit of entertainment value, but what really killed it here was how all of Benedict’s threesomes were a real jumpscare. Because they were quite unrelated to the other storylines, we’d go from one minute the Bridgertons joking about Gregory’s addiction to fruit jellies to next minute a full-on threesome scene. Content warning, I beg!

5. The final Lady Whistledown reading

Bridgerton season three sex scenes

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There was one pretty stunning sex scene in the final episode of season three, as Lady Whistledown read out her final column. It was between Pen and Colin, and Penelope was now writing her columns under her own name.

The cinematography here really was everything. The scene itself was just too short to be shouted about too much, but those red hues? I’m wowing. Our girl Pen is a married WOMAN now. AND she’s a published columnist who doesn’t need to write anonymously. The duality of women!

4. The mirror scene

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I’m really sorry to be the one to have to say it, but the mirror scene wasn’t all that. I am the biggest lover of Polin’s story, and don’t get me wrong I see how the scene was vital in their progression as a couple, but in terms of sexiness it didn’t hit. It was cute, and was everything it was meant to be, but nothing more.

3. The post Lady Whistledown reveal angry hook up

Bridgerton season three sex scenes

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Now this, THIS was pure, unadulterated steam. As soon as Colin found out Penelope was Lady Whistledown he wanted to hate her, but soon enough he was kissing her and they were getting it on right there in the street. I love it for them. Colin, being married to the number on gossip columnist in the Ton is sexy af, I’m glad you realised that.

2. The carriage scene

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It would be criminal to not have the iconic carriage scene pretty high up, lives were changed. The carriage scene was the first time we truly saw Colin and Pen give into their attraction to one another, and the chemistry was clear as day for all to see. The way Colin adjusted Pen’s dress with Pitbull playing in the background? Wow! Art!

1. Kate and Anthony being totally unbothered

Bridgerton season three sex scenes

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Kate and Anthony are the best thing to happen to Bridgerton, and I will die on this hill. How accidentally hilarious Anthony is, and how utterly obsessed and lover-boy he is with Kate makes the show a million times better. Their sex scene, right at the start of episode one, was the best in all of Bridgerton season three.

Their family was outside! Newton the dog was literally at the door! Anthony said “What’s happening out there cannot be as important as what’s happening down here” and he didn’t lie.

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