Young Sheldon cast rules

All the strict production rules the Young Sheldon cast had to follow whilst filming

The cast weren’t allowed to watch The Big Bang Theory

Whilst Young Sheldon might be over, there were some very strict rules producers made cast members follow whilst they were filming. Some of them were very understandable such as having to do a minimum of three hours of education every day but others were a bit more rogue!

Most of the rules involve Ian and Raegan, including the fact they weren’t allowed to watch Big Bang Theory when they first started filming! Let’s find out the rest of all the strict production rules the Young Sheldon cast had to follow whist filming.

Producers made Iain Armitage dye his hair throughout filming

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In order for Ian Armitage to look like a young version of Sheldon in the show, it was important for producers that he looked as similar to Jim Parsons as possible. Cast member Ian Armitage has naturally blonde hair but he had to dye it dark brown for the whole duration of filming Young Sheldon, and it sounds like a very strict rule.

Despite long hours of filming the child actors still had to do daily schoolwork

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Ian Armitage has explained how despite having to do a minimum of three hours of learning every day, much like his character he was more academically advanced than most 15 year olds. He told UPI: “I could pretty much graduate this upcoming year if I wanted to, but I think I’ll probably stay in and keep learning things that I’m interested in.”

The actors had to keep the same exact hairstyles until one traumatic incident happened

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Raegan Revord revealed that she wasn’t allowed to get a haircut whilst filming the show, despite her wanting to have shorter hair. Producers continuously denied her requests for a haircut as they wanted Missy to have long hair. However, Raegan was involved in a traumatic car crash whilst filming Young Sheldon, the producers changed the rules to let cast members have haircuts.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight she explained: “Now I have short hair and I’m so happy. I love it so much. I got Van Leeuwen and I got a haircut. What more can you ask for?”

The cast weren’t allowed to watch Big Bang Theory

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When Young Sheldon first started filming, one of the producer’s rules was that the young members of the cast weren’t allowed to watch Big Bang Theory. In an interview, Raegan revealed: “When I first did the show, I mean, I was nine years old. Big Bang Theory is not for a nine-year-old, so I’ve never seen it before, and I actually still haven’t seen it. I probably should watch it at some point.”

And despite playing a younger version of Jim Parsons’s character, Ian Armitage hasn’t seen Big Bang Theory either! He admitted: “Well, Big Bang isn’t really appropriate for me, plus it’s not really aimed at my audience level.”

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