Come Dine With Me sad little life Jane

Omg: The ‘sad little life Jane’ guy from Come Dine With Me had another insult that got cut

Channel 4 – release the footage!

One of the ‘victims’ of the iconic Peter Marsh, better known as the man behind the most legendary and memed moment from Come Dine With Me ever, has revealed there was even more to the  “What a sad little life Jane” speech that didn’t make the episode and got left on the cutting room floor.

Peter Marsh’s infamous rant is stuff of legend – who seven years ago went off on a furious rant and made TV gold. Nary a day can go by online where you don’t see some variation of what went down at that fateful dinner party, where Peter Marsh uttered the line “Enjoy the money, I hope it makes you very happy. Dear lord, what a sad little life, Jane.”

The moment was at the end of the episode and the week, where Peter revealed the scores to the other competitors Adam, Jane and Charlotte. “In fourth place is me,” Peter said as he began to unroll the scroll – a scroll that should be kept in a museum for historical significance, in my opinion.

Jane replies “I don’t know why you’re shaking your head at me.”

Peter unleashes his Come Dine With Me classic tirade, saying “You won, Jane – enjoy the money, I hope it makes you very happy, dear lord, what a sad little life, Jane. You ruined my night completely, so you could have the money. But I hope now you spend it on some lessons in grace and decorum, because you have all the grace of a reversing dump truck without any tyres on.”

When fellow competitor Charlotte says she didn’t get it, Peter responded savagely saying “Well, you wouldn’t. Let’s be honest, there’s nobody in there, love. So Jane, take your money and get off my property.”

Adam – one of the diners who seemingly emerged unscathed – has now explained he actually got a line lobbed at him that never made it to the episode. Explaining to the Independent, Adam said ” I couldn’t look directly at it – that’s why I was staring off into the distance during his whole rant.

“You can see me look up at one point to make eye contact with the producer, as if to plead with him, ‘Can’t you shut the camera off?’ Of course they wouldn’t, because the producers were probably getting exactly what they wanted. His words to me at the end of his rant, which didn’t make the cut, were, ‘Adam… you’re very funny, your food wasn’t great, it’s been a pleasure.'”

Peter has never been back on TV since, although he apparently has had many offers. Seven years ago he told the Mirror, “What’s shown is not all that happens and people will believe what they’re shown.”

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