From NYC kisses to getting engaged: How Matty Healy and Gabbriette became a power couple

Never forget when he took her to Manchester and made her try a Greggs

It barely feels like yesterday when Taylor Swift was reportedly having a whirlwind romance with The 1975 frontman Matty Healy, but another whirlwind was around the corner with a far happier ending. Not long after Matty Healy split from Taylor Swift, a new romance was on the horizon with all-round it girl Gabbriette Bechtel. In just nine months, the two have gone from being papped to being engaged, so here’s a full relationship timeline for Matty Healy and Gabbriette now the two have announced their engagement publicly.

Wait… Who’s Gabbriette?

Gabbriette Bechtel is one of those gals who gets everywhere and you’re never quite sure where you know her from. Mostly because she’s gorgeous and looks like the coolest vibes on this earth. She first started getting known when she was a dancer in some music videos for Blood Orange, as well as modelling for some big names like Marc Jacobs and Diesel. I personally first became aware of her when she starred in I’m With The Band on Netflix, where Charli XCX formed a girl group called Nasty Cherry.

She’s now a kind of Julia Fox type figure. Like a 2024 socialite who just brings the vibes. Love her.

September 5th – Matty Healy and Gabbriette were first spotted

Matty and Gabbriette were spotted necking on and having a walk around Central Park. Goals, baby!

September 11th – The two went to New York fashion week

At a party hosted by SSENSE, Matty Healy and Gabbriette were then named best dressed COUPLE in a TikTok. Direct quote.

December 27th – Gabbriette posts some cute pics on Instagram

The vibes are off the scale. Worth noting that the day after this I was in the northern quarter in Manchester and saw Matty and Gabbriette roaming around, checked his Instagram story to see him posting a video of her trying a Greggs sausage roll for the first time. A rite of passage.

February 16th – Denise Welch posts a pic of Matty and Gabbriette

So by this point Gabbriette is way in the Healy family fold. Denise Welch, Matty’s mum, posted a pic of the two of them coming to see her at the Hope Mill Theatre and captioned it “Lovely to have the family in to see mum at work”. So cute, tbh.

May 30th – Gabbriette shares a bit of insight into the relationship

In an interview with E, Gabbriette furthered the Matty Healy relationship timeline by spilling some tea on what their relationship is like and how the two fell in love. She said they bonded over their shared love of food (Ahem, Greggs sausage roll) and a shared vibey music taste.

June 11th – Matty Healy and Gabbriette announced their engagement

After attending the social event of the decade, Charli XCX’s BRAT show in New York, Gabbriette shared a picture of her engagement ring saying “Marrying the 1975 is very BRAT”.

Denise Welch then further confirmed the engagement, saying “I have known for a few weeks that Matty got engaged. They went over to see their friends Charli and George in New York. I woke up this morning to the fact they’ve put it on Instagram. Instagram official, he has got engaged to Gabbriette.

“Black diamond, he had it made for her and I couldn’t be more thrilled. She is from Los Angeles, she is absolutely gorgeous, she does have a rat. We couldn’t be happier, she is everything that I would want in a daughter in law.

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