Russell Group down rankings

Ranked: The Russell group unis which have plummeted down the world rankings this year

62 per cent of Russell Groups have dropped down

The QS World University Rankings are out for another year, telling us the very best universities you can go to across the planet. This year’s ranking looks at over 1,500 universities across 105 higher education systems. The US comes out on top with the most universities featured (197 in total), followed by the UK with 90 and China with 71.

But even though eight Russell Group unis made it to the top 50 of the rankings, 15 out of 24 of the prestigious UK unis have all slipped down in this year’s rankings. That’s a massive 62.5 per cent of them plummeting down and just getting worse this year.

So these are the Russell Group unis which have slipped down the QS World University Rankings this year:

Russell Group down rankings

12. University of Sheffield – down one place

Only slipping down by one, Sheffield has gone from 104th last year to 105th.

11. University of Glasgow – down two places

Just down by two, Glasgow is ranked 78th this year, compared to last year’s 76th.

=11. University of Warwick – down two places

Warwick is ranked 39th this year, two down from last year’s 67th.

=11. University of Manchester – down two places

The third Russell Group uni to slip down two places, Manchester has gone from 32nd to 34th this year.

10. University of Cambridge – down three places

Bad news for a uni almost always topping the rankings, Cambridge is down three places to 10th this year.

9. Queen’s University Belfast – down four places

From last year’s 202nd, Queen’s Belfast has been knocked back four places to 206th.

8. University of Edinburgh – down five places

Edinburgh has been knocked down by five to 27th this year, compared to last year’s 22nd place.

=8. London School of Economics – down five places

Also down by five this year, LSE is ranked 50th this year, compared to last year’s 45th.

7. University of Leeds – down seven places

Moving down seven places in the rankings for 2025, Leeds has gone from 75th to 82nd.

6. University of Nottingham – down eight places

Just making it into the 1op 100 last year, Nottingham slipped down from 100th last year to 108th this year.

5. Durham University – down 11 places

Durham moved down 11 places from 78th to 89th this year.

4. University of Exeter – down 16 places

Down 16 places in this year’s rankings, Exeter has gone from 153rd to 169th.

3. University of York – down 17 places

York has moved down 17 spots this year from 167th to 184th.

2. Newcastle University – down 19 places

Newcastle has plummeted down 19 places this year, from 110th to 129th in the world.

1. Cardiff University – down 32 places

With a landslide slip down the rankings, Cardiff has moved down 32 places from 154th last year to 186th this year.

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