An Islander exposed for cheating! Plus which Islander used to date a Love Island winner?!

The show might have just begun, but the tea is already hot as hell

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Um, Joey isn’t even getting a big fee to be on the show?!

Love Island 2024

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Everyone is still reeling over Joey Essex being the first ever celeb Love Island bombshell, but it turns out he’s not actually being paid loads to do his stint. Here was me thinking ITV forked out loads for our entertainment?!

According to reports, Joey is being paid the same as any Islander – which is an amount to cover rent and bills whilst they’d be on the show. He will be paid £375 per week just like every other cast member.

Ayo’s football team is a bit pissed off that he’s swanned off to the villa

Semi-pro footballer and model Ayo might be in a bit of trouble with the football team he plays for, as it seems he forgot to let them know he wasn’t going to be on the pitch for the next eight weeks.

Redbridge Football Club tweeted: “We haven’t been able to contact our striker for the past few days and we guess this sort of explains it. We thought it was strange he would miss a team social yesterday!”

Someone then asked if Ayo faces any fines for not telling them about his go in the villa, and yikes, who’s going to tell him?

Sam is ‘disappointed’ to be leaving the villa

Last night was pretty savage, and saw Sam wave goodbye to the villa without even having time to fully unpack. His is one of the shortest appearances in Love Island history, and speaking after his exit he’s said he’s “disappointed” to be gone so soon.

“I wanted to work my magic and get to know everyone a bit better,” he said. “When Joey walked in I had a feeling I might be in trouble. Samantha is a stunning girl and I knew that they would get on.”

Love Island 2024

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But everyone is convinced he’s coming back for Casa

Even though we’ve only known him for one single day, people seem to have an emotional attachment to our Sam, and are begging he return for Casa Amor, Molly Marsh style.

On Twitter, one person said: “Sam’s coming back in Casa Amor.” Another added: “Calm down. Sam’s only moving to Casa Amor.” A third viewer said: “Guys let’s be so fr we’ll be seeing Sam in two weeks for Casa or some other twist.”

Andrew Le Page has shaded Harriett for cheating lol

Former Islander Andrew Le Page has waded in on the Harriett and her ex boyfriend drama, and has outed that the application process would have overlapped with when she was in a relationship. Harriett told her fellow Islanders she was in a relationship four months ago, and underneath an Instagram post from Love Island sharing a clip of this, Andrew said: “Harriett just said she’s been single for four months 😳 the application process is longer than that 🫢.”

Yikes! It’s also been reported Harriett spent the night with her ex just days before flying out to the villa, and didn’t tell him she was appearing on the reality show. She has said she is “very much single” going into the villa.

Love Island 2024

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Joey ‘doesn’t need exposure’ from the villa and is on the show to ‘find a wife’

It’s been said that Joey Essex doesn’t need any more exposure (fair) from Love Island, and is promising he’s on the show to actually find a wife. A TV source told MailOnline: “Joey has signed up to Love Island for all the right reasons. He’s 33-years-old and really wants to find someone he can settle down with, he wants a wife and to have children one day.

“Not many people know the real Joey, over the years he’s hidden behind his reality TV persona but being on Love Island will give him the opportunity to show his true self. He doesn’t need fame, followers, or the prize money… He’s excited to meet someone and can’t wait to start dating.”

He is already a multi-millionaire, so I get it.

Guys, Ronnie used to date Amber Davies?!

Ronnie should know exactly how to play it in the villa, because he dated 2017 winner Amber Davies!!! A source said: “Ronnie and Amber enjoyed getting to know each other but things were not meant to be.” Asked if he had dated a celebrity, he told The Sun on Sunday: “Yeah a couple but they are both in relationships now.”

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Yikes, M&S is livid Jess is on the show and she ‘walked out on a promotion’

Jess spoke highly in her intro about working for M&S before the show, but it’s been reported her employers are livid that she’s left her job behind. She worked as a retail manager there, and The Sun has reported her boss is “infuriated” and “dismayed” because she didn’t tell them anything about the show.

The publication says her boss had just “jumped through hoops” to get her the manager promotion, which meant Jess would have been one of the youngest store managers across the whole of the UK.

A source close to Jess told The Sun: “The news that Jess walked out on her huge promotion after a few weeks has really not gone down well with senior management. She had been an exemplary worker and they had championed her and pushed for her to receive this new promotion.  One described it like a ‘kick in the teeth’ after all the hard work they had put in.”

Tonight, there’s a row over the hideaway and a bombshell hits the villa!

Love Island 2024

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In a look ahead at tonight’s episode, sparks fly as the hideaway gets its first visitors – but it ruffles a few feathers at the same time. Ciaran and Nicole head off to the hideaway, which upsets Harriett, so in return she sneaks off there with Joey after! Of course, this then annoys Samantha, who Joey has just coupled up with, and she brands Harriett “petty”. Ouch.

Later in the evening, the villa is rocked by the entry of the first Love Island 2024 girl bombshell. A source told The Sun: “A stunning female bombshell has entered and will appear on screen tonight. It will cause chaos as she’s gorgeous and will unsettle all the girls. None of the girls are safe as the bombshell plans to get to know all the boys and isn’t worried about stepping on toes. It will likely ruffle a few feathers and cause plenty of drama.”

The first girl entering the villa has been revealed as this gorgeous model. I hope you’re ready!

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