Blue Ivy

Everything Blue Ivy has been up to since stealing the show at Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour

The greatest nepo baby of all time

It’s pretty much fair to say Blue Ivy had the summer away from school most 12-year-olds could only dream of. She not only danced on stage during her mum’s Renaissance world tour but stole the show in multiple cities, with fans chanting her name, bringing her gifts and gushing online at how much her performance improved as the tour travelled across the globe from Sweden to Missouri under Beyoncé’s watchful perfectionist eyes.

As Renaissance came to a close, everyone was sending their (very sincere) hopes and prayers to Blue Ivy as she returned to her pre-teen life after enjoying global stardom for five months and 56 shows. So, in case you’re still wondering what the best nepo baby in the business has been up to since going to work with her mum all summer long – and whether she’ll do the same for the Cowboy Carter era – here’s everything Blue Ivy has been up to post-Renaissance:

Going back to school after the Renaissance tour wrapped up, according to TikTok

After the Renaissance tour came to a close in October, hundreds of TikTok videos were posted speculating how Blue Ivy would just casually go back to class after a summer of on-stage stardom. It’s not known where Blue is educated, however it’s likely she may be taught outside of the normal school system to allow time for all of the cool projects she’s involved in alongside her parents.

“She is very sassy, high energy and knows what she wants,” a source told People of the elementary schooler. “Especially after the twins were born, Beyoncé made sure that Blue was able to embrace her new role as a big sister. She also lets her go to video shoots, award shows and music recording. They have a very special bond!”

Wowing everyone at the Grammys in February as Beyoncé entered her country era

Blue Ivy

Credit: Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock

Back in February, Blue had everyone floored when she rocked up to the Grammys in a white Vivienne Westwood custom dress and heeled boots. Her parents among the biggest guests of the evening and everyone from Dua Lipa to Kacey Musgraves sidled over to get a photo with Beyoncé – who was wearing a big while cowboy hat in reference to her upcoming album announcement.

Blue joined her dad on stage to collect his Dr. Dre Global Impact Award where he slammed the award ceremony for never giving Beyoncé album of the year, saying: “We love y’all. We want y’all to get it right…I don’t want to embarrass this young lady, but she has more Grammys than anyone and never won album of the year. So even by your own metrics, that doesn’t work.”

Blue, it should be noted, has already won a Grammy herself for Best Music Video award for Brown Skin Girl in 2021.

Living her absolute best life at the Super Bowl in Nevada a week later

Blue Ivy

Credit:John Angelillo/UPI/Shutterstock

Yeah we’d pretty much be eternally jumping for joy if our parents were Beyoncé and Jay Z and our standard weekend looked like this, too x

Being usurped by her younger sister??

Every who’s the eldest in the family knows your biggest fear is getting outdone by your younger sibling. And interestingly, while Blue wasn’t given a credit on Beyoncé’s new Cowboy Carter album, her little sister Rumi was noted for her opening lines on PROTECTOR.

However, Beyoncé made it clear her whole family should be acknowledged, telling the crowd at the iHeart music awards (where Blue accompanied her) as she accepted her Innovator Award she wanted to thank “My husband, my rock, my best friend, I love you. My three beautiful children, who continue to be my inspiration and my biggest blessing.”

There’s literally no cooler kid anywhere on this planet. Look at the double denim fit!!

Being encouraged to be an absolute star in any area of the industry by her grandfather

It’s already pretty obvious Blue Ivy could essentially break into any area of the entertainment industry she felt like. And her grandfather, Matthew Knowles, who managed Destiny’s Child, made it clear she had his support when he published an open letter to her on Instagram:

“Whether it’s in music, art, science, business, or any other field, I hope that you have the courage to pursue it wholeheartedly,” he wrote. “Whatever path you choose, I hope it brings you fulfilment, joy, and a deep sense of purpose.⁠..You have already shown the world that you are a force to be reckoned with, and I have no doubt that one day you will continue to astound us all.⁠”

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