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What Emma Stone allegedly whispered after Jimmy Kimmel’s naff Poor Things Oscars joke

She was NOT happy

It wouldn’t be the Oscars without a bit of drama, and last night in the usual midst of the worst jokes you’ve ever heard host Jimmy Kimmel aimed one at Poor Things, which caused Emma Stone to mutter a livid word under her breath that the keenest lip readers amongst us have tried to decipher. And it now looks like eagle-eyed Oscars viewers have allegedly sussed out to the word muttered.

During a long string of Jimmy Kimmel’s painful jokes, none of which were funny, he made a quip aimed at Yorgos Lanthimos’ Poor Things – which was up for Best Picture and starred Emma Stone as Bella Baxter, for which she was nommed for Best Actress for her portrayal. After a montage from Poor Things, Kimmel said “Those were all the parts ofPoor Things that we’re allowed to show on TV.” It was a reference to the heavy sex content in the film.

After Jimmy Kimmel made the Oscars dig, Emma Stone said something to her husband. Most people are split on whether she said one of two things, either “Oh my god”, or “what a prick.”

Emma Stone went on to win the Best Actress award for Poor Things, and dedicated her joy with Lily Gladstone who was nominated for her amazing turn in Killers of the Flower Moon. Emma said “Lily, I share this with you. I’m in awe of you.” It was one of four Oscars Poor Things took home last night.

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