‘I wouldn’t say we’re together’: Adam finally addresses rumours he’s split from Arabella

It’s not looking good x

Right now, everyone is glued to finding out which Love Island: All Stars couples are still together, and who has fallen apart since returning to the UK. Loads of the couples have been swamped with split rumours, and one of those is Arabella and Adam.

Since the villa there have been loads of rumours that Arabella and Adam have gone their separate ways, because neither of them have posted together at all. They have been silent on each other’s social medias, and people questioned if they were even a real “couple” in the first place.

Adam has finally clarified what’s been going on between them since Love Island: All Stars, and quite savagely said he “wouldn’t say they’re together” at all, and added they’ve “not put a label on things” since returning to the UK.

“I wouldn’t say we’re together as such but we did have an amazing week in there,” he told BelfastLive. “Arabella had just come out of a serious relationship before she went on the show and she did really like the guy that she was with so I told her that we’ve only known each other for a week and we’ve had an amazing week. I’m glad I came in and helped her to enjoy her last week and there’s definitely something there, but I just don’t want to force it on her.”

Adam and Arabella address split rumours after Love Island All Stars

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He continued: “We’re just going to take it slow and we’ve planned that I’m going to see her next week on Tuesday and I think that’s the best way is we take it slow and we just continue to get to know each other. We know there’s an attraction there and there’s a vibe there but it’s just about whether or not now we’re both in alignment with one, what it is that we want from a relationship and two, like in life, are we in the same place going forward.

“But we’ve had a lot of deep chats and it seems like we are but I’m just at a stage where I just don’t want to force anything – if it’s meant to be, it’ll happen and it’s definitely moving into the right direction, but we haven’t put a label on anything yet.”

He said he feels under “no obligation” to post about Arabella on social media, and added: “I do like the girl a lot and I obviously find her very attractive and we get on good, but I’m not going to force anything, and obviously I’m still in Belfast at the moment and she’s in London.”

So, that’s that one then!

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