Erica finally explained why she and Jordan were staying at Laura’s house for one month

It all makes so much sense now

All of us were left confused at the MAFS UK reunion when Erica and Jordan were talking about them staying at Laura’s house for one month, meaning she saw the ins and outs of their turbulent relationship. We were all desperate to know why they were staying at her house for so long, and now we finally have answers!


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MAFS UK star Erica took to her Instagram in a Q&A to explain the reason for their long stay. She explained: “Laura started working in Mykonos and whilst she was out there she needed someone to look after her dog and house whilst she was away. Jordan offered to look after the dog and house, he was kind of between living situations so it was kind of perfect for him.

“And then this was around June time, so Laura came back for the reunion, we had the reunion and this was the one where all the cheating stuff came out. When we went back to Laura’s she ended up not going back to Mykonos so she was in the house with us. I was meant to be staying there for a week, obviously this is straight after I’ve just found out about all these cheating allegations so things were tense between Jordan and I at the time.

“I also then had a big health scare, I wasn’t able to leave Portsmouth for three weeks, I was only supposed to be there for one week and ended up staying for three. I couldn’t come back up to Edinburgh, I was literally crying every single day I just wanted to come home.

“But that is why we were there, Laura wasn’t meant to be there. So yeah, long story short Laura was supposed to be in Mykonos which was why Jordan was there or agreed to live with her – but yeah I don’t even want to talk about it because things got super weird after that.”

I’m so happy we finally have some answers!

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