Glasgow Wonka Unknown actor

Omg, a Glasgow Wonka actor claiming to have played The Unknown has revealed herself

Is this The Unknown? Or does The Unknown remain unknown!?

Well, the wait is over – the actor who played the iconic, viral The Unknown villain in the even more iconic and viral Glasgow Willy Wonka experience has finally revealed herself, and she’s posted a video talking about what it was like doing the whole fiasco. At least, the actor CLAIMING to have played The Unknown has, the comments are a bit divided on whether it’s actually the real actor or not.

Speaking on a new TikTok, actor Jain Edwards claims she was the one who played The Unknown at the Glasgow Wonka experience.

“I thought I’d do a quick video because I was the actor who was hired to play The Unknown in the Willy Wonka Glasgow experience. It was kind of funny because just before the doors opened I took my mask off and I said ‘mate, what do us actors get ourselves into?’ I think I looked cool.

“The living in the walls thing wasn’t my idea. I wanted to live in the toilet. I brought that mask from home!”

Although, many are actually disputing Jain’s claim that she was who played The Unknown. In the replies to her post, one claims he’s interviewed the real Unknown. This person is claiming the video from The Unknown is still to come, and the actor who played the character was a 16 year old girl named Felicia.

We need to get some truth. The sweet irony that the actor who played a character called The Unknown may very well still be unknown is not lost on me at all.

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