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One Day: Where all the cast actually went to university in real life

Spoiler alert: None of them went to Edinburgh


The tear-jerking Netflix series, One Day follows the relationship of Emma Morely and Dexter Mayhew across the span of 20 years. The couple met at their graduation ball at the University of Edinburgh way back in the 1980’s and we follow them as they both embark on their different lives post-graduation, where their degrees seem to lead them to very different career paths.

Dexter becomes a TV presenter with his degree in Anthropology and Emma, eventually, becomes a writer with her degree in English and History. However, although the show originally begins at the University of Edinburgh, of course this does not mean the cast actually studied there. So, here’s where the cast of One Day went to university in real life.

Ambika Mod – St Mary’s College, Durham

Ambika Mod on Netflix's One Day:

Credit: Netflix

It is no surprise that the real-life Emma, Ambika Mod, went to such a prestigious university. Although it is not the same location, Ambika Mod is still the same brain box she is in real life as she is in ‘One Day’. Mod graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. Ambika also starred in the BBC series of This is Going to Hurt as a junior doctor called Shruti Acharya. Although Ambika originally turned down the role of Emma Morely in One Day as she commented that “you don’t see a lot of brown women on screen being the romantic lead”, she was given the role as she was the best fit to play Anne Hathaway’s newest version of Emma Morely.

Leo Woodall – Arts Educational School, Chiswick

One Day': Leo Woodall on Joining During 'White Lotus,' Pressures

Credit: Netflix

It’s been reported that Leo Woodall was actually going to study sports as opposed to acting. But, after feeling inspired from watching Peaky Blinders, 19-year-old Leo Woodall decided to go to ArtsEd. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Acting. Prior to his role as Dexter Mayhew in One Day, Woodall starred in The White Lotus as the role of Jack, along with Cherry, Vampire Academy and Citadel. But it can be said that his role as the gorgeous yet arrogant Dexter Mayhew could be his major breakthrough.

Jonny Weldon – Sylvia Young Theatre School, London

Who's in the cast of One Day on Netflix? | Radio Times

Credit: Netflix

Similar to Woodall, Weldon also appears to have pursued an education in acting from a very young age. He first started acting at the age of 11, where he commented that “my first job was I played Michael Banks in Mary Poppins”. Following his career, Weldon has appeared in House of Dragons and The Outlaws, along with other minor roles in films. After being encouraged by his wife, Weldon auditioned for the role of Ian in ‘One Day’, as it was also his wife’s favourite book. Seems like Weldon had a more heart-warming approach to auditioning for his part.

Amber Grappy – LAMDA, London


Credit: Netflix

Like majority of the cast, Amber Grappy also went to acting school. She attended London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts which she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Acting. Not only did Grappy attend one of the best acting schools in London, but she has also used her talents to her advantage. Grappy has appeared in Wreck, The Baby and now starring as Tilly in One Day.

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