MAFS Australia best man speech

Tim’s best man has defended his controversial MAFS speech claiming it was ‘badly edited’

‘Sara was tearing up because it was so heartfelt’

MAFS Australia kicked off in the UK last night and it was certainly worth the wait. One of the most cringe-inducing aspects was the absolutely “disgusting” speech that Tim’s best man said at Tim and Sara’s MAFS Australia wedding.

It certainly wasn’t one that any of the guests would forget in a hurry, with the bridesmaids describing the speech as “derogatory” and “disgusting.” The MAFS Australia best man speech started with Ben saying: “I was not surprised to hear that Tim was partaking in this experiment, because Tim is a man of science. He’s quite fond of experimentation.”

Since then, Ben has defended his best man speech and claims that the MAFS Australia producers edited it to look worse. Speaking on the So Dramatic! Podcast, Ben said: “Everyone clapped and cried. And Sara was [even] tearing up because it was so heartfelt.”

While he said he did “have his beer goggles on,” he says he saw a lot of laughter from the guests during the speech: “I thought people really enjoyed it, and there was definitely applause, which we didn’t hear in the final edit.”

Ben went on to claim that he had sent a version of the speech to Tim prior to the wedding and that the MAFS Australia producers also approved the content of the speech.


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“When [the crude jokes] are sandwiched between the more heartfelt moments, it doesn’t feel so jaw-dropping,” Ben said: “I didn’t wish to have offended people; I’d hope to have entertained… I put blood, sweat and tears into that speech.”

He also said that the bridesmaids, who described the speech as “inappropriate,” were “kind of joking.” He revealed: “They were like: ‘We just got interviewed, and we threw you under the bus…We were playing good cop, bad cop.

“The speech actually finished on quite a touching note. I don’t think it was perceived by many as a bad speech. And the wedding continued on with laughter and joy and dancing.”

I’m going to be honest with a mullet like the one he had I’m not sure of how much I believe what this man is claiming.

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