Luke MAFS UK reunion

Luke got asked why he’s not at the reunion and he’s absolutely blasting MAFS on Instagram

‘I’m not going to hold back and lie for them’

Well, the MAFS UK drama never stops – and it’s all kicking off again before the reunion tonight after Luke Worley was asked why he’s not included in the long awaited episode.

Luke was a controversial character on last year’s series of MAFS UK and was involved with several big arguments with his castmates as well as disputes with the show itself. He also was wrapped in more drama with Jordan Gayle off the show when the two were meant to have a fight but Luke never ended up fighting due to various complications and conflicting reports. Luke’s wife on the show, Jay Howard, will be attending the reunion but Luke will not.

Speaking on Instagram, Luke did an AMA and responded to two questions put to him from viewers. When asked if he’d do MAFS again, he said “I 100 per cent wouldn’t. I don’t regret it, made some friends for life and some people who I’m going to be close to for a long time. But for me dating shows are not what they seem before you go on them, I’ll be honest. [MAFS] was my second one and the first one was much more straightforward. MAFS is not scripted but you don’t have much influence on what you can or can’t do as a couple.

“So anything that gets show on TV is something they’ve set up. Any date, any bit of drama, they’re in your ear saying ‘don’t forget, go over there and say this to them’. It’s not scripted, but you are pointed in the right direction probably too much. It should be a bit more genuine.”

Luke then spoke more about why he won’t be on the MAFS UK reunion tonight. “No I didn’t go to the reunion. Simple reason is me, the channel, the producers or whatever had a falling out. Not a falling out as in hated each other, but because I speak openly and I’m not going to hold back and lie for them. And because I’ve come out and went on a podcast and said I had producers in my ears telling me to do and say certain things and influencing and manipulating the way I acted, they didn’t like it because it’s the truth.

“I’m not the only one to say that: Nathanial has recently come out and said the same thing. Pretty much half the cast would happily say that. It wasn’t for me – don’t get me wrong, I know I was a big character there and they wanted me at the reunion but the trust has got broken between me and the channel.”

When then asked if he was excited to watch the reunion, Luke then says “I really couldn’t give a sh*t. I couldn’t give two sh*ts about the reunion. I think it will be quite funny to watch.”

The Tab has contacted Channel 4 for comment. 

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