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Scott EXPOSES Mitch for having a ‘secret girlfriend’ as he reignites their messy feud

‘He hasn’t stopped talking about her’

Scott has reignited his messy feud with Mitch by brutally exposing Mitch for having a secret girlfriend whilst being on Love Island: All Stars.

During last night’s Love Island: All Stars final Mitch told Maya Jama that he’d been “trying to run back to my ex.” Maya looked shocked as Hannah Elizabeth asked “The Blackpool one?” Mitch told Hannah to shush before asking Maya if they could “move on.”

And Scott was quick to put the final nail in the coffin by exposing Love Island contestant Mitch over Twitter. He said: “For anyone wondering, Mitch’s Blackpool ex is called Katie, and he hasn’t stopped talking about her.”

Scott and Mitch started their feud in the Love Island villa last year when they both started dating Abi Moores, with tensions coming to a head during Movie Night. Mitch was voted winner of Mad Moves after he told his ex Abi that he wanted to be with her over Ella B.

When he accepted his award, Mitch asked: “Anyone wanna add anything else to the mad moves or forever hold your peace? No? That’s what I thought.”

But before Mitch could finish fellow Love Island star Scott piped up and told Mitch to just “sit down” before Mitch replied: “Bro, shut up.” Scott shot back: “Has anyone ever told you you sound like a f***ing d***head?”

Can’t wait for the shady Instagram stories to unfold between these two.

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