stabbed uni campus

Mother of student stabbed to death at a uni campus makes tribute to ‘kind’ and ‘loving’ son

She also warned against other students using knives

Yesterday, a Northampton student was jailed for life with a minimum of 21 years after stabbing another student to death outside the university campus in April 2023.

On the 23rd April 2023, Melvin Lebaga-Idubor stabbed 19-year-old student Kwabena Osei-Poku, also known as Alfred, to death.

But now Melvin’s mother has spoken out in a tribute to her son and warned people against using knives. She hopes his death will encourage other students and young people to say “no to a knife and yes to life.”

Via Northamptonshire Police

She said: “The pain I feel as a result of Alfred’s murder is so great I cannot put it into words. It lives with me every day. He is the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing on my mind before I go to sleep.

“Sometimes I find it so difficult that I have to lock myself away from my younger children and just cry and cry. I don’t want them to see me upset, but it is so hard to carry on as normal.

Speaking about the memories she had of her son, she continued: “I remember all the great things about Alfred all the time – his kindness, how I could always depend on him, the close a relationship we shared, and how he always wanted to help people younger than him, which he did through his voluntary work with High Heritage.

stabbed uni campus

Via Northamptonshire Police

“These thoughts make me smile but they also break my heart because they remind me of just how much potential he had and how we will never be able to create any new memories together.

Joyce Osei-Poku also warned about the dangers of young people using knives. “I want people to understand how much devastation a knife can cause a family. And I mean really truly understand,” she said.

stabbed uni campus

Via Northamptonshire Police

“Look at a knife and take the time to realise that in one movement you can destroy lives infinitely and forever. If you have a conflict with someone, please do not react in anger and use a knife. Do not use a knife to lash out. Do not think that carrying one will not have fatal consequences.

“Instead, please say no to a knife and yes to life.”

“I wish I could go back in time and save my son.”

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