Boring grad jobs

Snore! These are officially the most boring grad jobs of 2024, so you know what to avoid

It’s a bad day for the finance bro you regrettably shagged in Freshers’

Grad job hunting genuinely has to be the worst thing about leaving uni. Yeah, (for the most part) you’ve got to leave behind the spontaneous midweek nights out and for a lot of people you go back to living with my parents after living with your mates for three years. But what people forget to tell you about is the absolute SLOG and pure hell of trying to find a job after uni. Never MIND one you actually like and where you don’t have to beef with 50-year-old Deborah because you used the wrong stapler.

Well, according to data from a study led by The University of Essex, we now know the jobs which are officially the most snooze-inducing and, spoiler alert, it’s over for the insufferable flatmate you shagged in freshers who dreamed of being a finance bro.

So these are officially the most boring grad jobs you can go for in 2024, so you know what to avoid for your own sanity:

5. Banking

Boring grad jobs

Probably not coming in as a surprise, the fifth most boring grad job is banking. You’d be a little hard-pressed to come across anyone who thinks of a banker and their first thought is interesting or exciting. The average starting salary for a grad wanting to go into corporate investment banking is over £70k. So it’s up to you whether you wanna sacrifice your soul, I guess.

4. Cleaning

The job with the lowest starting salary on the list, cleaning was nominated as the fourth most boring grad job of 2024. The average cleaner salary in the UK is £21,842 a year, or £11.20 an hour.

3. Tax and insurance work

I think a lot of people would rather die than work in tax or insurance, and I’d have to agree. Your average grad salary if you wanna sell your soul to insurance would be around £28k. BUT if you’re lucky enough (or unlucky, people who worked there might say) to secure a grad scheme in tax at somewhere like KPMG, you might be looking at around £31k.

2. Accounting

Boring grad jobs

Why is it that every single person called Arabella or Hugo that you meet in a smoking area wants to go into accounting? is it because their daddy works in a big firm already or just because they’ve not got a smidgen of personality? Well, according to the study, people consistently voted accounting as the most boring grad job.

But hey, at least you’ll be rich and boring. Starting salaries in accounting will earn you an average of £30k but will very very quickly make you the big bucks.

1. Data analysis

And finally, the mother of all sleep-inducing grad jobs, data analysis is officially 2024’s most boring grad job you can go for. So, you’ll have to ignore every pen, tote bag and leaflet from the corporate demons popping up at all your careers fairs because you’d be trading in a personality. The average grad salary for a starting role in data analysis is around £25 – £30k, depending on location.

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