‘You Georgia are self absorbed’: Paul C Brunson ripped into Georgia Steel on Celebs Go Dating

He was so real for this

A clip has been reposted from when Georgia Steel was on Celebs Go Dating, and dating expert Paul C Brunson absolutely ripped into her. After a string of dates on the show gave her negative feedback, Georgia was invited to the agency to chat to the experts about what was going wrong.

In 2019 Georgia signed up to the Celebrity Dating Agency and appeared on Celebs Go Dating. A clip of her time on the show has been shared to TikTok, and it shows her getting a grilling by Paul C Brunson and Anna Williamson over her behaviour on dates. The video has been captioned: “Paul is so iconic for this.”

Georgia began the chat by saying she was annoyed with her date because she had an espresso martini, and he ordered water. When her date expressly said he wasn’t much of a drinker, Georgia laughed and ordered a shot of tequila rose for him. “What’s the problem with ordering water?” Anna asked Georgia. “He might have wanted you to drink water.” Georgia replied: “Well I’m not drinking water I’ll drink what I want to drink.” Anna then put her in her place and said: “Right. So he can drink what he wants to drink.”

Georgia was then given her overall feedback from the date, in which she was told she didn’t listen to her date, which was feedback she had been given before. “We are consistently starting to get bad feedback,” Anna told Georgia. “This really does ring alarm bells for us.” Georgia then sat back and laughed at the comments.

Paul C Brunson then delivered the killer blow. “This feedback that we’re getting, what it tells us is that you Georgia, are self absorbed,” he said. Anna added: “On a date, it’s not all about you.”

Georgia then said she didn’t like being told off, and Paul added: “You’re not showing up as the Georgia we see on the couch, on these dates. It’s fraudulent. You put on this facade. Like ‘I’m Georgia Steel!’.” Anna then told her she’s “created a character” of herself.

Georgia Steel on Celebs Go Dating

via E4

This wasn’t the only time Georgia Steel was called out whilst on Celebs Go Dating – her appearance ended up with her being branded rude on Twitter, for how she was with one of her dates.

Georgia told a guy she was matched with: “Anyway, your blue t-shirt makes me feel like I’m looking up at the sky it’s that bloody blue, so I’ll have that and I’ll talk to your mate. Yeah?” Georgia later added: “Oh God, that was a bit savage wasn’t it? Ahhh, sorry babe!” Channel 4 posted the clip on Twitter, and called it “savage banter”.

But after this comment, people called her “rude” and “obnoxious” and tweeted to say there was no need for her digs at people. Big Brother star Helen Wood commented on the clip: “What a shit line. If you’re gonna be cocky have the minerals to do it properly. Notice how she’s rude to a lad who is too polite to tell the little prick she’s a nobody.”

She was also late to her dates, which didn’t go down well. Yikes.

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