Omg, Craig David is BACK on Love Island tonight and Anton literally screams at him

This is going to be INCREDIBLE

After a lot of rumour surrounding if he might return or not, it’s been confirmed that legend Craig David is coming to perform in the Love Island: All Stars villa TONIGHT.

Yes, that means Anton is going to be reunited with his idol once again, which to be honest, is what he deserves. When Craig David first performed for the Love Island villa in 2019, Anton let out real tears at the meeting, and now it’s been confirmed when he comes to All Stars Anton literally screams. I love this for him so much.

On tonight’s show, Anton gets a text and reads: “Islanders, It’s time to get glam because tonight the villa will host a VIP performance from an International Superstar. #Rewind #FillMeIn”.

Craig David returns for Love Island All Stars

via ITV

The villa goes wild, as super fan Anton screams: “Craig David, Craig David, Craig David!” Later that night, international superstar Craig David makes his long awaited return to the Love Island villa. With an epic performance that will go down in Love Island history, the singer-songwriter puts on quite the show for the Islanders.

Craig David has just released a single with ex Islander Wes Nelson, called Abracadabra. It’s the PERFECT Love Island party night song. Will he make a return for the show, too?

Craig David returns for Love Island All Stars

via ITV

Elsewhere in the villa tonight, following a dramatic recoupling, Joanna pulls Arabella up to the terrace for a girls chat, after Chris’ speech has left Joanna questioning what’s next.

Joanna says: “I just feel like I don’t know what to think about me and Chris…he’s got such a big jokey personality but sometimes I’m like, what’s the real you? And the speech…as much as he thought through the speech it was sarcastic and a showman personality…”

Arabella says: “If his energy is already grating on you now, imagine it a year down the line. This should be honeymoon amazing…” Her head spinning, Joanna says: “Plot twist…Callum is so nice. So genuine and so lovely…”

The next day, Joanna acts on her impulses and pulls Callum for a chat. Joanna says: “I’ll be honest, I’m going to expose my game. Just wanted to pull you for a chat…”As the two get along, Georgia S and Chris spot them from the other side of the villa…Will Joanna’s chat with Callum change everything for her and Chris?

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