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Omg, Katie Price has a huge crush on Anton from Love Island: All Stars and thinks he’s ‘fit’

Someone get her in as the next bombshell

Umm, so after it was revealed that Katie Price has been texting JJ from MAFS UK and is “really into him,” it turns out that she also has a huge crush on Anton from Love Island: All Stars and thinks he’s really “fit.”

The juicy gossip was of course from the most reliable source around, Anton’s mum who literally called Katie Price up to ask her about the crush. It’s giving the same energy as Kris Jenner saying “What if you just called Taylor up?”

Anton’s mum explained when he went onto Love Island for the first time Katie Price had said she had a crush on both him and Tommy Fury. “When he went into the beach hut this time they asked him who he had a wee fancy for and he just said Katie Price. I phoned her and (I said) hello this is Anton’s mum, I’ve got a wee live going on here would you come on?

“Absolutely she says, ‘Your boys fit in fact I’m single Sherie Ann.’ I said ‘Are you hen? You’ve got too much baggage for my boy.'”

Why is that such iconic behaviour from his mum though?

But sadly it seems like Love Island: All Stars Anton might not be destined to couple up with Katie Price after all, as she and JJ from MAFS UK do seem to be dating.

If you’re a young man in a reality TV show, watch out because Katie Price has got a list with your name on it!

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