Griselda Pure Blanco

Inside Griselda’s son’s cartel-inspired lifestyle and clothing brand Pure Blanco

If you want a hoodie with Griselda’s mugshot on it you’ve hit the jackpot

After watching the hit Netflix show Griselda have you secretly been pining after a pair of themed Griselda slides? Well, you’re in luck because that’s exactly the type of products that the son of Griselda sells on his online lifestyle and clothing brand Pure Blanco.

From what they sell, when the company started and how much they charge for a Griselda mugshot pillowcase, let’s look inside the lifestyle and clothing brand Pure Blanco.

What is Pure Blanco?

Pure Blanco is a lifestyle and clothing company set up by Griselda’s son Michael Corleone Blanco and his long-time friend Michael “Majix” Yuen. He describes it as a “billionaire cartel lifestyle brand.”

The two are “building an empire, which focuses on Fashion, Film, Music, Cannabis and Licensing of the Pure Blanco Brand. We are a lifestyle brand made by bosses for bosses, so wear with pride!”

What items do they sell?

Pure Blanco sells a variety of items from men’s and women’s hoodies and tees, to sliders, phone cases and mugs – all covered in pictures of Griselda and cartel-inspired quotes.

It has four collections, the Members Only Collection, Boss Like Giselda Collection, Pure Blanco Signature Collection and La Reina De Loca Collection.

Socks – $16.99

Via Pure Blanco

I feel like the socks shouldn’t cost more than the mug, but maybe my maths is off?

Mug – $16

Via Pure Blanco

La Reina translates to “The Queen,” but now Griselda can be the queen of your coffee instead of cocaine. Every “sip from this mug will have you feeling like a boss” according to the description.

Tee – $30

Via Pure Blanco

This Pure Blanco tee comes in five colours and plays on the nickname that Griselda earned for herself “Black Widow”

Hoodie – $40

Via Pure Blanco

If you want to feel like the ultimate girlboss then what better than a Griselda hoodie? The website describes it as: “Have you seen Cocaine Cowboys documentary? This Hoodie is a must have! Boss up like Griselda Blanco. Narco Lifestyle on another level!”

That’s everyone’s Christmas presents sorted then.

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