Love Island All Stars ill

Okay, so what actually happens if a Love Island: All Stars cast member gets ill?

They’re banned from kissing the other Islanders

The cast of Love Island: All Stars are in constant close proximity to each other so if one of them was to get ill then it would be so easy for the rest of them to catch the bug. Not to mention they’re always sharing beds and making out, it would be pretty much impossible to stop something from spreading.

But what exactly happens when an Islander gets ill, and how would it affect the rest of the Love Island: All Stars cast?

Anton recently revealed that in his original season, Molly-Mae was “banned from kissing anyone” because she had a cold sore. Anton was commenting on a clip of a Love Island game where he went to kiss Molly-Mae on both cheeks instead of the lips.

When his mum asked him why he “didn’t kiss her on the lips,” Anton replied: “Molly had a cold sore on her lip. I wasn’t allowed to actually kiss her and that’s why she never kissed Tommy for so long in there.”

Another previous Love Island contestant Hayley Hughes said that “there’s an on-site medical team” for when Islanders get really ill.

She continued: “I was really unwell in the villa. I was sick and stuck in bed. I was vomiting. Really sick. Love Island is not there to show you being ill. You can’t expect them to put you on the screen when you’re unwell.

“You have to make sure you are perky and active. Obviously, they’re wanting to make a good show and it was a shame on the last week that I felt I couldn’t deliver to my maximum.”

Kady McDermott also clarified that anyone who is sick stays off-camera. She explained: “There was an episode that I wasn’t on completely because I had a really bad migraine. I didn’t take part in one of the challenges. There is a first aider on site 24/7 if you need them. As soon as you’re ill, there’s someone for attention.”

So it sounds like cold sore means camera time but no kissing, and actually being ill means you’re out of the show temporarily until you’re better.

Hopefully with all the kissing the Love Island: All Stars cast already seems to be doing, none of them will start getting ill!

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