Sabrina Carpenter Nonsense outros

Sabrina Carpenter’s wildest Nonsense outros, ranked from cute to chaos

She has no shame and we love it

Think I only want one obsession in my life… Sabrina Carpenter’s Nonsense outros, obviously! Whether she’s making us laugh or cringe, the pop queen’s ever-changing lyrics certainly make our lives less boring.

First things first, for anyone who isn’t a huge Sabrina stan (YET), what are Sabrina Carpenter’s Nonsense outros? And how come they’ve been so successful to warrant a whole article being written about them?

You may be familiar with the hit song’s original outro: “This song catchier than chickenpox is/ I bet your house is where my other sock is/ Woke up this morning, thought I’d write a pop hit/ How quickly can you take your clothes off pop quiz?” What you might not know is that, on every set she plays, Sabrina performs a second outro that changes every time playing tribute to the city she is performing in.

Just as Taylor Swift utilises the surprise factor of mystery songs played each night of her Eras Tour, Sabrina Carpenter, who opened during the South American leg of the tour, capitalises off her fans’ anticipation for new outros.

But, as you can guess from the tone of the original outro, Sabrina is not afraid of getting frisky. Here I am to rank her wildest Nonsense outros performed during #TSTheErasTour in a descending scale from cute to chaos. I could never insult something Sabrina writes so, by chaos, I mean you might want to cover the ears of your 12 year old sister for it.

1. “Felt so good he made me hit the top note/ Eras tickets, girl you won the lotto!/ Mexico, I kinda think te amo.”

Hardcore Swiftie here –  of course I had to pick this as the “cutest” outro. As someone who survived the whole Ticketmaster fiasco and bagged herself Eras tickets, I feel like Sabrina is addressing me here.

2. “I only date him if he pays my rent-ay/ If you are a Swiftie, you’re mi gente/ Let me hear you make some noise DF.”

Another one for the Swifties. Fortunately, I don’t think the crowd’s demographic included the kind of man who would go mental about the “rent-ay” comment.

3. “He said where you at, I said I’m busy/ Sipping on tequila getting tipsy/Con mis chicas in Mexico City.”

Do those shots Sabrina, we love a tipsy queen.

4. “When I’m in my bedroom looking sexy/ He’s having a ball, he call me “Messi”/Argentina, will you be my bestie?”

We’re beginning the descent into chaos now. Love the reference to Argentinian football superstar “Messi’ though!

5. “He said ‘what’s your name?’ I said Sabrina/ Saw the obelisco said ‘questions linda’/ Who’s the loudest here in Argentina?”

The Obelisco of Buenos Aires is a tall national monument. How sweet that she’s making reference to the local culture, let’s not think too hard about what else she might be referencing…

6.“I’m a nine, but I’m a ten without clothes/ He said I’m the prettiest, but how so?/ ‘Cause all the hottest girls are in São Paulo”

Aww, isn’t she sweet? We know you’re a ten all of the time, Sabrina!

7. “It’s kinda small, but I don’t even care though/ Cupid might have hit me with an arrow/ ‘Cause I’m in love with Rio de Janeiro!”

What is small, Sabrina? Certainly not your love for the fans in Rio anyway.

8. “I’m full grown but I look like a niña/ Come put something big in my casita/ Mexico, I think you are bonita!”

Apparently some fans heard her sing ‘pusita’.

9. “How to ride it I can think of five ways/ My head goes so hard I’m giving migraines/How loud can you get Buenos Aires.”

Very chaotic, but we’re here for it. We’re certainly not getting migraines from listening to your songs, Sabrina.

10. “Boy come over, this is not a drill/ He said, ‘Get on top,’ I said, ‘I will’/ Then he made me come… to Brazil!”

Sabrina! I see what you did there…

If you haven’t caught the L-O-V-E for Sabrina from this list alone, I suggest you put on some headphones and get listening. She may be chaotic, but the ‘Carpenters’ love her for it.

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