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RIP Diane: Wipe your tears and enjoy these The Traitors memes from last night’s masterpiece

Our queen got the state send off she deserved

Last night’s episode of The Traitors will go down in history as one of the best episodes of reality telly we have ever seen and will ever see. Our queen Diane got the camp send-off she deserved instead of making us sit through the snore-fest of the missions and it was just a beautiful piece of television.

But sadly after delusioning ourselves for four days thinking that Queen Di wouldn’t drink from the chalice and escape death, we saw her be literally lowered down in a coffin as her son watched in horror. Everything about last night’s episode from the choir, the slow march, Diane’s goodbye to Ross and Diane’s final word catching a traitor being right, all of it was just cinema.

Diane was the queen of Twitter and by far the most popular contestant so it’s not a surprise that the memes honouring the legend have been flowing thick and fast.

So, to help you mourn the death of our Diane, enjoy these 24 The Traitors memes from last night’s piece of cinema:

If you have to die, at least make it by sparkling rosé!

Starting to understand Ollie now our Di is dead x


Nah this was insane, Harry for the win

Hang it in the Louvre!


It’s like a reward

Thanks Carla x

In need of a bank holiday for Di

It’s what she deserved

Will be telling my kids about this


She’s alive!

An icon among icons

Help I’m scared

Still in denial ngl

The way I cackled

 I need him gone

Not I’m Every Woman

Ross gonna needs therapy after this ordeal

Jazatha Christie

Our gal

She was still serving

I am in tears

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