Lindsay Lohan wants the firecrotch reference removed from the new Mean Girls movie

Lindsay Lohan is apparently demanding a joke be edited out of the Mean Girls movie musical

LiLo doesn’t think it’s ‘so fetch’

Lindsay Lohan isn’t too happy with the team that brought the new Mean Girls movie musical to life as it brought back a not-so-nice joke from her 00s wild partying days, according to a source close to her.

Lindsay – who plays Cady Heron in the 2004 original of the teen comedy alongside Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried and Lacy Chabert – is seemingly “very hurt” by rapper Megan Thee Stallion repeating the “fire crotch” joke in the film, which goes: “We are going back red. Y2K fire crotch is back!” It also wiggled its way into the new song Megan did with for film’s in collab with Regina George’s Reneé Rapp Not My Fault.


The quip was made famous by Brandon Davis, an oil heir and partying pal of Paris Hilton during her wild clubbing celebutante era in the early to mid-2000s.  In case you missed it, the word was a reference to her flashing her pubes while going without knickers. See, back in the day, wearing skintight bandage dresses meant you couldn’t wear pants because of the whole dreaded visible panty line. Everybody seemed to go without, and I mean everyone: Britney, Paris, Tara Reid and so on. However, it involved a lot of flashing situations, particularly getting out of cars, which is notoriously difficult to do in a ladylike manner.  Do starlets still do this and don’t report on it? Anyway, Lindsay is apparently not okay with its inclusion in the film, according to a pal, and feels particularly hurt by Tina putting it in.

“The real mean girl here is Tina Fey,” the insider claimed to the Mail Online. “She wrote it. She also knows that Lindsay is hurt by it.

“The studio is also aware of how Lindsay feels about it. The right thing for them to do would be for them to edit this out of the film. It is completely unnecessary and very disrespectful,” they added.

Like most dads, her father, Michael, also piped up about it, calling it “condescending” and laying the blame at Tina Fey’s feet. While I’d love to make a few comments about Megan The Stallion and even Tina allowing that condescending piece to be in the movie, I’ll take the high road and reserve them.

He also raged about the whole film even existed in the first place, wishing that Tina – who wrote the musical with her composer husband Jeff Richmond – while arguing that she should have just done a sequel.

“I don’t care how many times they remake Mean Girls, and no matter in how many ways, it will never be like the original with Lindsay,” Michael said. ‘The original and Lindsay are iconic. While I am happy that Lindsay and Tina got together, I’m at a loss as to why she didn’t do a sequel with the original cast first.”

He added: “That would have been a huge success and outdone any version since the original, as so many others agree.”

Considering they couldn’t even get Rachel McAdams in that Old Navy commercial or even appear at the movie musical’s premiere, this feels like nonsense, but oh, go off, Michael.

“I’d bet that if you surveyed what people think would’ve been better with the original cast or these musical versions,” he said.

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