Barry Keoghan Sabrina relationship

Okay so, is Barry Keoghan actually in a relationship with Sabrina Carpenter or not?

We need answers

We’re all a bit obsessed with Barry Keoghan at the moment, but if there’s one thing I’m more obsessed with it’s his relationship, specifically whether or not he’s dating Sabrina Carpenter. The two of them have been seen hanging out together a lot, but then Barry also has a son with Alyson Sandro.

So, what is the current relationship status of Barry Keoghan, and where does Sabrina Carpenter fit into it?

Are Barry Keoghan and Alyson Sandro still together?

Despite sharing a son together, Barry has confirmed that the two of them are no longer together. In an interview with GQ magazine, Barry was asked about reports the couple had gone their separate ways. He said: “She’s [Alyson] done a great job, and she’s an incredible mother.” The publication noted he offered no further information on the split.

Given that the two haven’t been seen together at all in public or at any of Barry’s red carpet events, I think we can fairly safely assume the two are no longer together.

Are Barry Keoghan and Sabrina Carpenter in a relationship?

Despite there being rumours that Sabrina and Barry would make their relationship official at the Golden Globes, she did not show up.

However, sources claimed that Barry told his ex-partner that he planned on going public with Sabrina at the awards ceremonies that have passed. A source told the Sun : “Barry thought it was best that Alyson was the first to know about him and Sabrina so she wouldn’t be hurt if she found out on social media.

“He is spending a lot of time in the States and has invited Sabrina to be his ‘plus one’ at the Golden Globes. Alyson and Barry still communicate for the sake of Brando and he has been open about his new relationship.”

Since then the two have been seen going out for dinner in LA multiple times, as well as on museum dates together. So, whilst the two haven’t officially confirmed they’re dating I think it’s pretty obvious that there’s something going on between them!

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