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Are you more Felix or Oliver? Take this quiz to see which Saltburn heartthrob you’d be

Anyone who doesn’t like runny eggs is weird, end of

Love it or hate it, Saltburn still seems to be all anyone is talking about at the minute. With its nostalgic references, controversial scenes and heartthrob leads, it makes sense why the hype hasn’t died down yet. Both Oliver and Felix have their individual quirks and they’re both obviously utterly gorgeous, but they each undoubtedly have their own dark side. The film showed us a totally different side to Barry Keoghan, and I’m not mad about it. From sunbathing shots to edgy smoking, I think Oliver’s character grew on me the further into the film I got. It’s arguable that both Felix and Oliver are villains, and that’s part of the beauty of the film.

Although Oliver takes the bacon for some of the more unbearable scenes, including where he tries to order breakfast, gets all up in Felix’s bath water post tub or (spoiler) gets a bit too close and personal with his mate’s his grave, the juxtaposition against Felix’s subtle but savage actions throughout the film was really quite admirable. But which sexy Oxford student are you more likely to be?

Find out if you’re more Oliver or Felix in this Saltburn quiz

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Right, was Barry Keoghan wearing a prosthetic in THAT Saltburn final scene

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