MAFS UK Erica Jordan cheating

MAFS UK’s Erica’s spoken out about Jordan ‘cheating’ for the first time

‘He made silly mistakes and put himself in a situation that looked BAD’

Erica from this year’s Married at First Sight UK has spoken out for the first time about the ‘cheating’ from her MAFS UK groom Jordan, who is now her boyfriend after the show.

The scandal came out during the final reunion dinner party, where some of the grooms alleged Jordan allowed a woman in the club on a ‘lads night out’ to attempt to kiss him, including a compromising looking picture of the two in the back of a taxi. It resulted in a big argument between Jordan and Erica on the show – but since, they’ve been really loved up.

Erica has updated fans on where she stands after what we saw on MAFS UK with that whole ‘cheating’ saga with Jordan on Instagram after a follower asked her how she moved on from the incident in a Q&A session on her stories, asking for advice as they’re going through a similar situation. Erica said on the matter: “This is such a tough one. I think ultimately you need to ask yourself if you can get past whatever has happened and can you trust your partner again? Also, is your partner willing to be so patient and regain your trust?

“I know Jordan didn’t cheat, he made silly mistakes and put himself in a silly situation that looked BAD which I know he won’t ever do again. But it’s something I knew I could get over with his help and I didn’t think it was worth throwing away something goof for.”

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