These degrees officially have the most contact hours, so secure those bragging rights

Catch me not going to a single one of them x

Every single time you’re trying to convince your housemate to come on your third night out of the week, they’ll always clap back with the “But I’ve got a full day of uni tomorrow” and you’ll reply “Yeah and I’m in uni more than you!” in the constant battle over who actually has the most contact hours.

Well, sleep experts at Bed Kingdom have analysed 15 subjects to calculate the most sleep-deprived uni degrees. But to work this out, one of the factors studied was the number of contact hours each degree has on average per week. We also know the students who work the hardest and the subjects where students drop out the most because of their mental health.

But at the top of the list for the most contact hours is, unsurprisingly veterinary sciences with an average of 21.7 hours in uni a week. This works out at roughly four and a half hours per working day which actually feels lower than expected for vet students. As well as this, veterinary science students do around 15.68 hours a week doing work outside uni per week. They also have the third highest number of hours in work placements out of all subjects.

Closely following veterinary science is, of course, medicine and dentistry with an average of 20.39 hours in uni per week. This means that students training to be doctors and dentists have around four hours in uni every day of the working week. They also spend an average of 16.37 hours doing work outside of uni every week.

But on the other end of the spectrum are humanities and liberal arts with an average of only 8.9 contact hours a week. This works out at less than two hours every working day. But even though they’re not in uni an awful lot, humanities and liberal arts students have the highest amount of work outside of uni with an average of 18.94 hours a week, working out at an extra 2.7 hours a day.

So, everyone thinks their subject has the most contact hours, but here are officially the uni degrees where students are in uni the most each week:

15. Humanities and liberal arts – 8.9 hours a week

14. Combined and general studies – 12.64 hours a week

13. Education and teaching – 13.46 hours a week

12. Creative arts and design – 13.95 hours a week

11. Biological and sports sciences – 14.41 hours a week

10. Agriculture, food and related studies – 14.88 hours a week

9. General sciences – 15.14 hours a week

8. Architecture, building and planning – 15.3 hours a week

7. Computing – 15.36 hours a week

6. Maths – 15.71 hours a week

5. Engineering and technology – 16.39 hours a week

4. Physical sciences – 17.03 hours a week

3. Biomedical sciences – 17.34 hours a week

2. Medicine and dentistry – 20.39 hours a week

1. Veterinary sciences – 21.7 hours a week

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