George Santos memes

George Santos has been kicked out of Congress but these 20 memes make it all worth it

It’s pure chaos and I love it

American politics is absolutely wild. George Santos is the living embodiment of pure chaos and the man is practically a walking meme.

Over the weekend he was voted to be expelled from Congress as he used campaign money on OnlyFans. I swear you cannot make this stuff up.

But as always whenever there is a serious political event happening, Twitter has to create some very unserious memes about the situation. From him secretly sneaking back into Congress, to walking out in eight-inch heels, here are 20 of the best memes in reaction to George Santos being expelled from Congress.

Buckle in, because it’s a wild ride.

1. George Santos? Never heard of him

2. He definitely walks better in heels than I do

3. Bit of a slay tbh

4. The spitting image

5. Evan run and lock the doors right now sweetie

6. Iconic, you have to give the man one thing and that’s that his one-liners are golden

7. This has to be a direct quote

8. It’s the unedited version

9. Questionable morals

10. Farewell

11. He does give off Miley Cyrus energy

12. I’m ready for the tea

13. An artist at heart

14. Haunts my nightmares

15. They do look good though

16. Throwing it down on the dancefloor

17. They just get more and more unhinged

18. Maybe he’s a distant relation?

19. I would pay money to watch this

20. I’m behind this idea

Politicians are genuinely the worst, but if there is one good thing they give us it’s some entertaining memes, so thank you George Santos.

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