I used AI to see what the MAFS UK couples’ babies would look like and the results are wild

Somehow Georges and Peggy’s baby looks like a baguette?

Have you ever laid awake at night wondering what the babies of the MAFS UK cast might look like? Well, with the power of AI, you don’t have to wonder anymore! Only three of the MAFS UK couples are still together, those being Tasha and Paul, Georges and Peggy, and Erica and Jordan.

I used the promotional MAFS UK pictures of the brides and grooms so they were all equal, and then AI-generated the image. If you want to find out what your baby would look like, either with your partner or celebrity crush, you can use the AI tool by clicking here.

So, from whether the babies look more like the bride or groom, to whether Georges’ baby looks like it could squat, here is what AI thinks the MAFS UK babies would look like.

Peggy and Georges

Via babyAC

This baby is 100 per cent going to be a Twitch streaming icon, I can see him dressed up in a baguette baby-gro already. He looks like a true mix of Georges and Peggy, very adorable!

Tasha and Paul

Via babyAC

I think this cute little baby looks a bit more like Paul than Tasha, but it’s still a pretty even mix.

Erica and Jordan

MAFS UK AI babies

Via babyAC

As someone who lives in Edinburgh, I can 100 per cent say that this is a Scottish baby. The other couple’s babies look so happy but this one does look slightly like it’s about to cry.

Wait for a few more months until his hair has grown out and they can style his hair to be like Jordan’s!

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