Robbie Williams on Netflix: What is his relationship with Guy Chambers like now?

The pair abruptly stopped working together in 2002

Netflix has just released its Robbie Williams documentary series, and one of the names that crops up a lot is Guy Chambers. Guy is a hugely successful music producer and song writer, and is best known for his work on some of Robbie’s biggest hits.

In the Netflix series, it is said that Robbie Williams stopped working with musical director Guy Chambers quite abruptly, and it shows the pair working together in the studio during the height of Robbie’s career.

There have long been rumours of bad blood between the two previous partners, so what happened and has the fallout been resolved now?

Robbie Williams and Guy Chambers, Netflix

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So, what is the relationship between Robbie Williams and Guy Chambers like now?

As per the Netflix series, Robbie and Guy used to work extremely closely, and called each other “brothers” at points. Together they produced four albums, and Guy worked on anthems such as Rock DJ and Let Me Entertain You. This propelled Robbie’s career, and bagged him Brit Awards and multiple number ones.

But, the pair stopped working together suddenly in 2002. During the Netflix doc, Robbie says he sacked Guy as he “needed full control as much as possible”. The cracks in their relationship are shown as appearing when Robbie was working with Guy on Come Undone, and Robbie told him the track “wasn’t very good”.

When it was first reported the pair had parted ways, there were lots of rumours about what happened. Some reports claimed Chambers asked for a bigger slice of profits, and others said Robbie wanted Chambers to sign an exclusivity deal because of rumours he’d also been working with Gary Barlow.

Robbie Williams and Guy Chambers, Netflix

via Netflix

A statement at the time said: “Guy has decided to work with other people and on other projects. He feels he cannot commit to working exclusively with Robbie. After six years and five albums he feels it is time to move on.”

This all seems like there might be bad blood, but in 2005 Robbie said their ongoing feud was over. “Me and Guy are friends again,” Robbie told The Daily Star at the time. “We speak now and will be working together in the future, you’ll all be pleased to hear.” They did work together again, on Robbie’s 2013 album Swing Both Ways.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Robbie said: “We have a certain chemistry and we churned out loads of songs that week and it was very easy and a lot of fun. Guy annoys me less and I annoy him less, and I think that’s maturity and experience on both our parts. I love him to bits.”

Speaking on Instagram, Guy confirmed they are still friends, and said the Netflix documentary shows truthfully how their relationship transpired. “It paints a really in depth portrait of our friendship and I’m excited for you all to see it,” he posted, the day before the show’s release.

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