Luke calls fellow MAFS groom a ‘pr*ck’ and ‘f*cking kn*bhead’ in wild Instagram rant

I need to know who he’s talking about immediately

MAFS groom Luke Worley has teased a feud with one of his co-stars in a huge rant on Instagram.

The reality star engaged in a question-and-answer session with his fans, and when answering one of those questions, he slammed one of his fellow MAFS grooms in an explosive moment.

Luke wanted fans to tell him their thoughts on the new series of MAFS, but one fan wanted to know who out of the cast Luke was closest to during the experiment.

The question led to Luke gushing about his friends, as he said, “I absolutely loved most of the cast, most people.

“I had two neighbours, so Terence was one side of me, which me and him got on like a blast.”

He then continued, “I used to go round his and drink a bottle of brandy or whatever with him most evenings.

“Then the other side was Thomas and Rozz, which I absolutely loved, so I would say Thomas, Roz and Terrance were the three.

“And then JJ comes in a bit later on, you’ll see his wedding on Thursday, I believe, we get on, and me, Thomas and JJ probably speak the most since.” Very wholesome!

But there’s one MAFS groom Luke obviously isn’t so keen on, as he started ranting about their personality. Luke told his followers that there’s, “only one person I think is a pr*ck, to be honest, yeah like there was only one of the grooms that was a f*ckin kn*bhead, but other than that, the rest of them are alright.”

After posting the rant on his Instagram story, fans then wanted to know the identity of the groom Luke was talking about, but he wouldn’t give anything away.

Instead, he explained, “Now I’m getting loads of people asking, you’re going have to keep watching. It will be apparent, trust me, it will be apparent, but yeah, keep tuning in.”

I can’t wait to find out who it is, although I think we all know who he’s probably talking about…

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