Are Johnie and Chris together from Love is Blind?

Hang on, are Johnie and Chris from Love is Blind in a relationship now?

I can hardly keep up

I can hardly keep up with Love is Blind! Project manager Chris and lawyer Johnie very quickly developed an intimate connection in the Love is Blind pods. The two appeared to be getting on very well, but of course there was some complicated feelings. Whilst Johnie was the only person Chris was interested in, Johnie was also interested in fellow cast mate Izzy, as well as Chris.

Johnie was seen trying to decide which of the men to pick, and she decides to go with Izzy as she feels more connected to him, and thinks she would have a better life with him. Johnie then let Chris down saying she only wanted to focus on Izzy.

Johnie then shared with Izzy more about her previous relationships and that he was her sole priority. However, following her revelations Izzy decided to break things off with Johnie and focus only on Stacy, who he ended up getting engaged to.

His decision left Johnie devastated. However, she then went back to Chris and told him she actually did think they were more suited and they started to pick things back up in the pods. However, at this point, Chris and Izzy have now begun talking about their relationships with Johnie and realised they were both told conflicting things.

This, along with Chris feeling like he was the “second choice” led Chris to not propose to Johnie or continue their relationship. However, things weren’t actually over for the couple.

In episode seven during the cast meet-up, Johnie and Chris revealed they were now in a relationship, after meeting in the airport. This sounds like it’s straight out of Wattpad.

Johnie said in a confessional to the camera she knew instantly “the connection was still there” and the pair began dating shortly after the meeting. Johnie revealed her mum had since met Chris and said within five minutes of meeting him he was “the best guy” Johnie had ever dated. And when your mum approves, you know you’ve found a good one.

During the episode, they clarified they were just boyfriend and girlfriend and Chris was seen comforting Johnie after her argument with Izzy over her treatment of the two men.

The last we see of Johnie and Chris is Chris comforting Johnie at the party, and as of yet, the couple has not officially confirmed if they are still together.

During an interview with Today, Chris revealed why he decided to give his relationship with Johnie another try, explaining, “When you finally meet somebody that you have that kind of emotional bond with, that you’ve fallen in love with, you don’t just mess that up because of something outside of your control.”

He also added, “Everybody’s there trying to find their person and, unfortunately, she thought that another option was better. But you don’t want to miss an opportunity to find our forever.”

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