Two male Love Island stars kicked out of influencer brand event for homophobia

Two male Love Island stars ‘kicked out’ of influencer event for being ‘homophobic’

They’ve also been accused of throwing money at a homeless man

Two male previous Love Island cast members are said to have been kicked out of an influencer brand event earlier this week, after “disgusting behaviour” and being “homophobic”.

The Islanders are said to have turned up to the event uninvited before causing trouble, including throwing money at a homeless man, and were later removed by hosts. The glam event was in central London, and had hugely known actors, models and celebs in attendance.

An influencer who was there called the two Islanders “vile pieces of work” and said they ruined the experience of the night for her. She claimed the men weren’t even invited to the event, but just turned up.

“I’m embarrassed for them,” she said in a video explaining what happened, before saying they said they were the “most famous people here” despite being in a room made up of famous actors, presenters, models and TV figures. “They were bowling around going ‘we’re the most famous people here’ which is embarrassing,” she added.

The influencer also claimed one of the men “threw” money at a homeless man outside the event, who then had to pick it up off the floor.

She said the two men then “proceeded to be extremely homophobic” back inside the event, at which point she claims the brand hosting kicked them out. She said the brand had become aware of what happened with the homeless man too, and “took zero tolerance and they were kicked out.”

She added: “They were just the most obnoxious, disgusting, vile cretins that I’ve ever had the experience in a room with. Never have I ever been in the company of two people who are so out of touch with reality, their behaviour was so disgusting. I hope they’re never invited anywhere ever again.”

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