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Instagram added Broadcast Channels, so here’s what the annoying new feature actually does

If one more person adds me to theirs I’m going to smash my phone

Are all your followers adding you to some strange thing on Instagram you’ve never heard of before – well, welcome to the era of Broadcast Channels. Instagram has been rolling these out across 2023, but if your phone is anything like mine it seems like it’s finally the turn of UK residents to get bombarded with another way to get annoying notifications. Here’s what Broadcast Channels on Instagram actually are and if there’s any way you can make them go away forever.

What the hell are Broadcast Channels on Instagram?

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Since the start of 2023, Mark Zuckerberg announced the introduction of Broadcast Channels on Instagram via a global rollout. These essentially let creators send messages to people in their Broadcast Channel – something that looks like a big DM group but one you can’t reply to if someone adds you to it. This allows creators to let followers or paid subscribers say yes to being a part of something where they can announce things or send exclusive content. Messages, images, voice notes, videos, etc. Also, polls – if you wanted to get a quick response from people who’ve literally opted in to declare they care about things you have to say.

Other experimental features in the pipeline for it include:

  • Question prompts for collecting feedback and ask me anything content.
  • A dedicated tab in the inbox for easier access and discovery of joined and new channels.
  • Collaborators to invite guests on your broadcast channel.
  • Expiration dates and times for broadcasts.
  • Addition of content moderators.
  • Preview links to share with followers to encourage them to join a channel.

You can make your own in the DMs section of your Instagram, but be warned that it notifies all your followers if you decide to create one, hence why you’ve been pestered all day.

In terms of swerving this feature off, when someone adds you to one you can just decline. That way you don’t have to endure whatever they may bombard you with. For me personally, if I’m seeing someone’s content on the grid, via stories and now by that update message feature I think I’ve seen enough.

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