Jay Howard from Married at First Sight UK 2023

Inside Jay’s iconic northern gal life outside Married at First Sight UK 2023

She used to work at Gala Bingo which is so on brand it hurts

As soon as Jay was introduced in the first episode of Married at First Sight UK 2023, we all knew she was going to be an icon. She’s real, fun and not afraid to be her most raw self, showing her pure emotions at all times. I fear we have a favourite cast member right here already!

She introduced herself on the show as a fun northern gal who doesn’t take herself too seriously, and is always up for a laugh. So what is Jay like outside Married at First Sight UK? Here’s a look into her life.

Jay on Married at First Sight UK 2023

Married at First Sight UK 2023 bride Jay is 31 and from Lancashire

MAFS star Jay Howard is 31, and from Lancashire. She has only been single for a few months, but is ready to find her forever partner. Ahead of the show, she said: “Hopefully, they’ve found someone who is right for me and I do have faith that everything happens for a reason.”

Outside of Married at First Sight, Jay is a sales manager

For work, Jay is a sales manager. According to her LinkedIn, she has worked for Warrantywise for eight years, and has held her current position of account manager for her entire time there. Before this, she worked as a machine host at Gala Bingo, which is so on brand for her it HURTS.

‘I learnt so much from the whole experience’

Speaking about how being on Married at First Sight has changed her self confidence and outlook, Jay said: “The experts know what they’re doing. They’re telling you how other people perceive you – almost holding up a mirror to you – and you’ve just got to trust them.

“I learnt so much from the whole experience that I’ll take with me into my everyday life. The show has helped me accept me for who I am, which is something that I’ve never been good at.”

She has 2.7k followers on Instagram, and posts mainly how fun her life is outside the show

Right now, Jay has 2.7k Instagram followers – but that will grow loads the more we see her on Married at First Sight UK. If I’m honest with you, after going on her profile all I want is to be her best mate. She’s having a laugh in all her pictures, and is constantly hanging out with friends or on a night out. Sign me up!

The tattoos on Jay’s arm reveal a lot about her personality

Jay has said she sees herself as the fun-loving person in the friendship group, and her arm sleeve tattoo reflects her love of not taking life seriously.

Her tattoos are all mostly all fairytale and Disney themed, and include Pocahontus and The Little Mermaid. She also has smaller tattoos on her arm of the symbol for The Lion King’s Simba, Nemo the clownfish, and Beauty And The Beast’s Enchanted Rose.

‘I like a man who is rough, rugged around the edges’

When asked about her usual type, Jay said she likes a man who is “rough, rugged around the edges but looks good in a suit.” She said she would turn around not walk down the aisle if he’s short, and instead will “fall head over heels if my husband looks like Tarzan.”

She said: “I hope my husband is genuine, loyal, honest and straight to the point. I would make the perfect wife because I have a lot of love to give if it is reciprocated. I will love them unconditionally and I will love them back but I  can be really hard work [when it comes to] my emotions.”

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