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From Guinness veterans to Moretti guzzlers: Here’s which beer matches your overall vibe

The odds are you trained yourself to enjoy Guinness to impress someone

Come rain or shine, it’s never been truer that British culture is indeed for the pub. Casual catch up with a mate? Go down the pub for one or two. After work drinks? Local pub. Walk with the dog? Pint in the dog friendly beer garden. So, have you ever wondered been stuck at the bar and wondered which beer matches your vibe?

For every pub outing, there’s always one in the group who wants to get on it and orders a round of shots for the table, or the beer snobs intent on only drinking small batch brews. Then there’s the Guinness gals… You might think you’ve avoided the pub politics embedded in your weekly pub trip but you can tell a lot about a person and the type of pint they’re ordering by their pub preferences.

So, think of this as the ultimate solution to your ongoing identity crisis. Maybe you’ll discover that you’re a Guinness veteran through and through, or maybe you’ll have to come to terms with the fact that you just don’t like beer all that much – and that’s ok. Perhaps sharing your results will stop the peer pressure you feel to order pints and finally allow you to order a white wine spritzer in peace. No matter the results, everyone has a pint that best matches their personality.

Take this quiz to work out which beer matches your vibe:

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